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Chapter II: Unspoken

–Would you care to tell me what is going on, Castiel? – Queried the priestess, but her partner was too busy tending the hurt blue being –Castiel, answer me. –

–Don’t you see that he is hurt? I’m trying to save him. – Castiel knew exactly what Annay meant with her question, but there was not time for questions, not when De’an’s life was in such a perilous situation. He could not lose him... There must be a reason why I saw him.

The other blue being watched as his brother was healed by the night elf, concern and fear could be read on his face.

–Let me help you, – Annay lay her hands on a large burnt on his forearm, and with a flash of white light was healed. –Tell me what you are and what is your name? – Said Annay almost commanding.

–We are draenei, night elf, – Annay shivered at the sight of his luminous eyes –My name is Sam’el, and he is my brother, De’an. – Annay gazed him with distrust, she could sense the arcane magic running through his body like blood. The priestess tried to catch Castiel’s attention, but he was too busy tending the one called De’an.

–And what is your magic... using kind doing in here? – Annay’s words were almost venomous. As most night elves, the mere mention of magic sickened her.

–Can’t you see? We kind off crash in here, it’s not like we planed the whole thing... is my brother going to be okay? – Sam’el’s concern was dissipated when his brother opened his eyes, now completely lucid. First, he was going to hug him and thank the light that he was okay, then he was going to ask what the hell he meant with “I knew you would come.” Indeed, that was the same question that Annay had prepared for her partner, but before any of that could happen, De’an spoke first.

–Who are you? – Castiel’s faint smile dissipated like dust in the wind. The priest quickly removed his hand from the draenei’s forehead and swallowed heavy.

–I’m the one who saved you from death. – Castiel’s voice was grim and deep, rugged as sand. This was not what he had thought. As he stood up, De’an’s hand caught his wrist firmly.

–Thank you. – the night elf just stared at him, he did not know what to think. For a moment he could have sworn that the eyes of the draenei shown something bigger than gratitude. But that was for just a second. –Sam, we should go find the others. Would you two help us? – The night elves nodded.

–But we will lead the way. I’ve saw a larger part of the vessel falling on that direction. – Castiel said emotionless. For the first time in days Annay recognized her partner, but she was not happy about that fact.

As the two priests lead the way trough the forest, Annay did not dare to query Castiel about the draenei and his words. For all she knew, something was not right, but this was not the place or time for this. More pressing matters were at hand.

-Castiel, you should know, the one called Sam’el is a magic user. – Annay spoke barely audible.

–I know. The other one also has traces of arcane magic in his body. – Said Castiel without looking at his partner.

–It seems that magic is part of them as it of the queldorei. –Annay said with a small amount of despise. –This could be a problem.–

–Don’t be so paranoid.– Castiel laughed grimly –This world has been raped with magic too many times to care about these ones. – Annay gave the priest a hateful glance.

Now she was sure that something was not right with Castiel. Annay looked over her shoulder at the draenei several feet behind them, they were speaking in a language that she could not understand. She noticed “Sam” looking at the forest, as like something had caught his attention, but she could not see anything.

–I thought I lost you there De’an.– What appeared to be the younger brother said while the other smirked at him.

–Come on, you know that just a “transdimensional ship covered in flames that explodes mid air and crashes all over an island” is not the kind of think that could kill me.– Sam looked at him in disapproval and kept walking.

–It was thanks to that night elf that you are breathing right now. – Sam now appeared uncomfortable –Could you tell me why you said that to him? – De’an tilted his head in confusion –You know... when he pulled out of the debris? –

–Said what? I don’t remember saying anything. – Sam looked at his brother skeptically, but De’an seemed genuinely unaware of anything. His younger brother sighed and spoke again –How... how many you think survived the crash? – But before De’an could answer the question Castiel spoke loud and rough.

–I see a group of your kind ahead. – The elf pointed at a group of draenei near the river, they appeared to be building some sort of camp from the wreckage.

–Come on De’an! – The younger one run towards the group, passing by the night elves and his brother followed close, but the moment he passed Castiel, their eyes meet for more than a few seconds, leaving the priest confused and somewhat sad.

“He really came for me, he wasn’t just a dream” De’an thought as he stepped foot in the improvised camp.


Castiel watched the clouds on the sky, since the Exodar, the name of the draenei vessel, crashed on the island. The nature seemed to be in a state of unrest. When he saw the first signs of corruption in the once beautiful lands, he send word to the druids in Darnassus, maybe they could help the draenei with this. Most of the draenei vessel crashed to a mountain, but remained largely intact. The majority of the survivors had been trying to get back the vessel to a functional state, but it was obvious that was in no shape to leave, so the draenei were stranded in the Azuremyst Islands for now.

The draenei seemed a righteous race, worshipers of the light and wielders of magic. From what little Castiel had learnt of them, they shared a lot of common ground with the night elves, they too had seen their brethren succumb to demonic powers, yet they remained kind and good. They were in fact, a wondrous race. Castiel thought for the first time the strangeness of the situation, the vessel, the crash, the draenei, him... He had not seen De’an since they found the camp nor did he wish to. In his dream, he had seen someone that pierced his soul with just one glance, and it became true when he saved him, but then he did not recognize him.

Many years had passed with Castiel alone, when Annay traveled to the city to meet with her mate, Castiel roamed the forests of Ashenvale, trying to find peace in that ancient woods. Every year Castiel grew older, but as an immortal, he did not care. Then, when the World’s Tree, Nordrassil, was destroyed, he and all the night elves lost their immortality, he was going to die, and for the first time in ages he felt joy, his curse was going to end, soon. But those lonely years had left the priest aching for company, and he knew that it was wrong. He knew that whomever he chose, would be in great danger. No, he could not condemn someone to death for loving him. And De’an, forgetting his words, it was for the best, at least was one day less until his death.

–Here you are. – Castiel kept looking at the sky, seemingly obvlivious of her arriving. Annay had learnt to overcome his partner’s difficult personality –The druids responded your call, they’ll send Uriel. –

Castiel looked at her jaded, of all the druids, Uriel was the one that they were going to send. The priest exhaled in exasperation and cast his stare downwards.

–I know he will try, again, to get you into the Circle of Cenarius. When I talked with Staghelm, he was quite amused that you were here too. – Annay sat besides Castiel –News travels fast in the city, he knew were you were going to be here before we arrived.–

–And that is why he sent Uriel, he knows that I won’t hurt him. Although I might this time, I’m getting bored of his approaching. – Said the priest with his dusty voice. Annay waited a minute, trying to think well about what she was going to say.

–Are you all right Castiel? You seemed so ...happy a few days ago, and now... –

–And now I’m just like always. – Annay was cut dry by her partner. Castiel, realizing his lack of touch, looked at Annay and tried to smile. –I... I was letting myself be enthralled by a dream, that’s all... –

–Dreams are a good thing Castiel, they are the things that make us endure life. – The priestess gave a long sigh. –He has been asking for you. – Castiel did not respond –He wants to see you. –

–How are things with the draenei? – Annay knew that she had pushed too hard.

–They have settled camps across the island, searching for survivors and collecting the corpses of the fallen. They are being pretty secretive about what caused the crash of their “ship” but is obvious that has something to do with the blood elves that magically appeared.– The priestess did not dissimulate her disgust at the mention of their “corrupted brethren”.

–They seem to be everywhere.– Castiel stared at the blood stain on his robe, he should clean it. Even their blood was charged with magic.

–And they have sent diplomats to the alliance vessel that wrecked on the shore, it seems that the “Odysseus” shipwrecked a few days before we arrived. I meet a sister in the crew. She said that the draenei are in talks to join the alliance. – Annay sighed. –Things are moving pretty fast, and we were left aside. The high priestess will send diplomats according to Staghelm, we are not needed here anymore. If you want to go...–

Castiel nodded at the information given. It was for the best. Now they would return to the mainland and inform the order. The priest just hoped for all of this to end soon.

–I’ll go to the draenei camp north to inform our departure. – While Castiel chose to remain vigilant on the forest. Annay had been helping with the construction of the camp. She had earned the respect of the newly came, and was regarded as a holy warrior, taking care of the wounded and fighting the increasingly aggressive wildlife. She had learned a couple things about the draenei, and she was quite curious about their spiritual connection with the light.

Castiel was left alone, sitting in the grass. A twig broke a couple feet away, something was stalking him. The Nightsaber jumped eagerly on him, going for the throat. A few seconds later, the feline lied gutted on the blood stained grass. Seconds after that, another sound was heard, it was not a wild animal, it was someone. Castiel grabbed his staff firmly with both hands, jumping through the air, the priest concentrated all of his strength in one just strike, capable of smashing a rock into dust. But, oddly enough, his blow was parried by a sword.

–Not a hungry cat! – Yelled De’an.

–What are you doing here draenei? – The priest lowered his weapon and distanced himself from the draenei.

–I was... looking for you. I wanted to thank you. – Said De’an while lowering his blade.

–You already thanked me. – Castiel started to walk away, but De’an voice stopped him.

–I remember you... from my dreams. – The draenei swallowed hard, raising his chin, trying to show a confidence that he did not possess at the moment –I think it’s a bit... weird...–

The night elf was giving his back to the draenei. He remembered him, it was not just a dream. But before the priest could have felt happiness, he knew that whatever this was. It could not go any further, for De’an safety.

–Do not worry draenei, it doesn’t mean anything. – Castiel felt as he was swallowing a rock.

–Yeah, right... – The draenei was pretty versed with sarcasm –You know, I was in the negation state myself, but you can’t deny that we had pretty much the same dream for a reason. –

–How do you know I dreamt something? – De’an could hear the bitterness in the voice of the priest that even now, would not face him.

–I just know– Castiel lowered his head. The draenei was right, shared dreams were not the kind of thing that happened every day, even more between beings of different worlds.

–Then what you suggest?–

–For starters, an ale in the Odysseus, then we’ll see. – Castiel stood still for a few minutes, then, without answering, he grabbed his backpack and started to walk –Let’s go. – De’an followed quickly.

–Are you always this cheerful? – De’an smirked at the priest.

–You should tell your brother were you are heading– De’an realized that the priest was not the most easy going person, if he had the chance, he would just leave, but. Well, that “but” was not named yet.

–He left for the forest a few hours ago, he said he had to finds his books, always his books.– De’an smiled, but the priest remained serious –uhmm, we haven’t been formally introduced, my name his De’an, hunter of demons.– The draenei extended his hand at the priest. In an awkward silence, Castiel knew that he had to face him now.–

–I... I don’t do human conventions.– De’an retreated his hand bothered –I’m Castiel Shadowgale, its an honor to meet you.– Castiel faced the hunter and bowed slightly, trying not to look at him in the eyes, but he could not resist it. For the next seconds, the two just stared at each other, without moving, almost without breathing. Castiel felt naked by the draenei’s piercing glance, And De’an’s breathing was short and shallow, mesmerized by those golden eyes.

–We should go.– Castiel managed to muster and continued walking. It was like his dream had become real again, but, awake, he knew that this could not end well. It did not matter if this De’an persona was the one he was waiting for. It only matter that if he got too close, he would die. And De’an just thought how weird all of this was, and the sudden realization that he found night elves “cute”, but that was something that he would carry to his grave. Chances were that that might be too soon. The priest and the hunter kept walking in silence.


Sam walked trough the dark forest, looking back at every few feet. He did not want to be surprised, he knew that he was doing was wrong, but he could not help himself. Right now, he just needed to be sure.

–Hi Sammy. – A feminine voice made Sam jump, looking at the owner of that familiar voice, he smiled. It was a blood elf, with the brightest green eyes ever and dark long hair covering her shoulders.

–Ruby, I knew I saw you, you survived. – The blood elf smiled wide, almost wickedly, and ran towards Sam, locking their lips in a passionate kiss.

–You won’t get rid of me that easily.–

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Oh Dear! so Ruby's alive and kickin *sigh*

but Cas, ohhhh, he needs to stop being so stubborn, silly boy lol!

Date: 2009-11-22 04:58 am (UTC)
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O dear ol' ruby, shes going to be a pain in the ass :D

Im with cas on this tough, he carries a lot of baggage, mourderous and primeval bagage.... ho ha!

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emotional baggage, Dean, emotional baggage, Dean, hmmmmmm! that's a tough call their but I'm gunner go with Dean! he's a big boy, he can take care of himself ;)

Date: 2009-11-22 05:10 am (UTC)
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ho ha! i mean, a very, very "sentient" bagage that is not cas per se, but linked to him nontheles... i shall say no more, cuz ill spoil somethin.

did you check my dean drawing?

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this Was Great :D waiting on the next part

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tentative name: Fate

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Boo silly Sam always getting mixed up with Ruby. Cas and Dean I see so many emotional issues ahead

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you know? i kinda love that biatch, she is awesome! (in her own words)

and dean/cas, there shall be angst! but not to much :D

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" ale in the Odysseus..."
Oh, I'm really looking forward to reading *that* :)

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it shall be alelicious!

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I am curious what kind of drink you are having them order and where and how... oh, my inner WoW-Geek is running amok ;D

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a bit of deus ex machina: if there are dwarves in any crew/inn/abbey/raid/lair, there shall be ale! and lots of it, it wont be surprising that the first thing that the odysseus dwarfs built in azuremyst was a bar XD. and we will learn a ting or two about dean's past :D

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As a former brew master (EQ, LOTRO) I am always interested in this kind of things :)

Sounds awesome :)

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then i shall start to write chap three now that i finished Ne!Cas :D


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