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Title: Change of Plans
Author:[ profile] vankoss
Word Count: 2000
Timing: Season 5, Episode 04 (after)
Warning: Angst, Future!Castiel, Future!Dean, Croatoan!Verse, Sex
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did... *gurgles*
Summary: Castiel manages to leave the building, and finds Dean's liifeless body, what else is left?
Notes: Croatoan!verse fic, angst!!! yet, no one dies?, more the opossite thing. I wrote this to enlighten my mood :D, feedback will be apreciated if left :D

There he lied, dead. Perhaps not, perhaps he was just unconscious, perhaps the snap that Castiel heard was just a log being cracked. No, it was not a log. That was Dean’s neck breaking under Lucifer’s foot. Once swift motion and the hunter was gone for good. No more Dean.

The past Dean was gone in a flash of time. Castiel wanted to think that his past self was able to recover his Dean, that made his own failure more bearable, perhaps that made his lost less painful. It did not.

Lucifer, in his Sam suit was gone too. When the Dean from the past desapeared, Lucifer sighed bored and walked away, paying excessive attention to the withered trees in his way. He had plans for this world, and he most certainly did not want unattractive flora on it.

Castiel crawled is way to Dean’s body slowly and painfully. He had not come to realize, but he was bleeding out, it would be a matter of moments until he joined the only one he loved. Would they go to heaven? Doubtfully.

The former angel thought that the pain of lossing Dean would have crazed him, but it hadn’t. Castiel just felt emptiness, nothing inside. It felt weird. His humanity had died the same second that he saw Dean die. In some way, he felt like an angel again, those pity human matters did not worth anymore.

Holding the Dean’s body in his arms, he tried to remember how things were before, before Sam was gone, before Dean shut himself out, and Castiel himself fell in that cursed self-destructive spiral.

Do you remember when you made me try burgers? I had always found odd how much did you enjoyed those meals. I always loved how much you could find joy in such simple things. And you were right, they are delicious. When was the last time we had burgers?

Granted, Castiel was talking to a dead man, maeby he was a little crazed by pain. He had found strange that he was not feeling any effect from the drugs. It must be the adrenaline rush, he thought, it was one of the upsides of bleeding out.

Castiel stroke the hunter’s hair softly, it had been a long time since he had done that. But it was not time for worries, for the first time in years, he held Dean in his arms. The dead hunter seemed oddly peaceful, his death wish was granted. Both of them knew that this was a suicide mission, and they were okay with it. Castiel could not speak for the other two, he was sure that the guy was dead, very dead, but he lost sight of Risa a lot earlier.

“Was she even good in the sack? I hope you at least enjoyed yourself” Castiel laughed sincerely “By the way, I know” he stopped like expecting an unspoken answer “I know that you said my name when you were with her, she kinda freaked out by that Castiel laughed again.

Castiel’s sight started to go dizzy, that is how blood loss works. He placed one last kiss on the lips of his hunter, and held him tighter in his arms, expecting the end. After all, the little time they had together, had been more worthy that centuries in heaven. Even with all the shit that happened later, he had loved and been loved, he had lived. The fallen angel closed his eyes, inhalating the salty essence of Dean’s hair, he had always loved that smell. He had always loved him. He was ready to go, but, it seemed that someone had arrived to talk to him.

–Raphael– Castiel opened his eyes –I have to say that I’m surprised– Said while resuming to stroke Dean’s hair.

–Hello Castiel, how is your imminent death treating you?– The archangel said crouching besides Castiel, who just smiled.

–What are you doing here? You are not here to help. Have you come to see me die?– Castiel sounds just as calm as he used to.

Yes, and to tell you that there is not going be heaven for neither of you– Raphael said in venomous voice.

–Is that all? I’m kinda busy here– The archangel frowned his face, how could that broken angel defy him so blatantly even in the end?.

–You are so far gone that you do not even care of your immortal soul. You know? I came here with the hope, of others certainly, that you would ask for forgiveness. I guess I was right, you have been infected by the humans defiance, proud little apes even in their deathbeds–

–It’s what I have been lately, since you left me here– Castiel laughed again, he hadn’t thought that his death would be this weird.

–Don’t fool yourself Castiel, you are not human, you just played one. We just took your grace’s radiance. I must say you managed to destroy yourself more quickly than Zachariah thought–

Castiel’s face hardened. “You are not human” those words were so similar to those that Dean said long ago, when they fell apart. And now Raphael confirmed it, he was not human, never was, he was still an angel.

–So, I'm just a mojo-less angel – Castiel smiled wickedly, unsettling Raphael.

–It does not matter, your grace holds no power, and you will die soon. I must say that I am sorry for you, Castiel. We have all seen what you have become, how you have destroyed yourself. It was shamef....– A splatter of blood covered Raphael’s face, horrified, he heard those forbidden words, the incantation to kill an angel, by another angel’s hand.

–I never thought I would have the opportunity to use this. Time ago, we planned to use this against Lucifer. When I tried to use it on him, nothing happened– Castiel dwelt in that sad memory, that day that Sam was taken –It was back then when I believed that I was not an angel anymore. But I guess it was just because Lucifer was too strong for me. Sadly for you, you are not the Devil- Cas was walking the thin line of insanity pretty damn hard.

–Stop it right now Castiel, or you will know my wrath!– Raphael tried to move, but the spell pinned him down painfully in place. It was not killim him, but made him unable to move. Castiel smiled again, the blood loss was ending him too quickly. He had a chance now, a long shot tough, and he was not going to waste it –You are not strong enough to finish the ritual, you are not strong enough to kill me Castiel, so quit this now, and I’ll let you die in peace!–

–I’m not going to kill you, I just need your grace, Raphael- Castiel could not even focus his eyes, he was terribly close to die. He had just noticed the blood pond around him and Dean. He did not have time. Carving a strange glyph in his hand with his own nails, he mustered ancient words unknown to human ears. Raphael’s face shivered in terror.

–What fiend tought you this?– But Castiel did not answer, he was going to do what was forbidden to angels, he was going to steal Raphael’s grace. He had nothing to lose, this was his final shot.

With his last strength, Cas shoved his palm against Raphael’s forehead, engulfing both of them and Dean’s body in golden light that seemed to burn everything in its wake. Raphael screamed in pain one last time, and then he disappeared.


–Do you remember when I took you to the whore house?– Castiel smiled thinking in the memory.

–I don’t know why you took me there. Even then I knew about your intentions with me–

–Don’t shit me Cas, the first time we kissed you started babbling and blushing like a girl–

–If I recall correctly that was the effect of your “hotness”–

–Damn right it was babe!– Both of them laughed. It would have been the perfect scene if not for their bloodied clothes and the apocalyptic background. They stared at each other for long time, trying to save that moment for ever, trying to erase all the bad years and the harsh words. They had a second chance.

–Cas... I’m sorr...– Castiel closed Dean’s lips with his own, in a kiss held back for years.

I know, I’m so...– This time was Dean who cut Cas’ apology with a kiss, while tears rolled down his face.The moments he was dead, only blackness surrounded him, yet his mind missed him, he missed Cas. He was back, Cas was back, and he’ll be damned if made the same fucking idiotic mistakes again. He had took the angel for granted back then, It was amazing how a near, well, actual death makes you see things differently. No more self loathe, maeby the apocalypse was his fault, but instead of angsting like a bitch. He would try to make things right this time, Sam was gone, dear Sammy, but he could not quit again. Cas was still there, he could do anything with Cas at his side. It took him five years and a death to understand that.

–By the way, thanks for bringing me back from the dead– said Dean cutting the kiss and grinning.

–That’s how I roll, what else can I say?– Dean laughed at Cas’ bad boy act.

–So, are you an angel again? Full mojo restored?–

–For now, I would not be surprised if they took it again–

–And Raphael?– Queried Dean while caressing Cas’ face, chick flick moments are allowed after being brought back to life.

–The little bitch run away– There were some words that Cas had come to love to Dean’s amusement.

–Well, that will send a nice message, early Christmas card?– Dean winked cocky at Cas, making him smile.

They stood up difficultly, their cramped limbs were not being too helpful, And Dean suspected that the rigor mortis had kicked in. “You are not dead Dean, not anymore”. They walked a few feet, maeby they should check up for Risa, if the gal was still alive. Dean noticed something strange in Cas’ face, something like anxiety.

–Cas, do you need your pills? I don’t...–

–Is not that, Dean– And there it was that gravely, husky voice, it was like falling in love again –Dean?–

–Umm yeah, You were saying?–

–I saw something in Raphael’s mind when I took his grace– Cas’ voice went lower than usual, and his face turned serious.

–Is it something bad?– said Dean, worried.

Actually, is something pretty good– Castiel smiled widely.


A black haired young woman, in her late twenties, carried a box with supplies. A shotgun hanging in her back. In her time in Wisconsin, she had not encountered any infected people, so it was more for confidence than for safety. Sadly, supplies were running low, and she would have to move to another city. She reached the door of a dingy cabin, and knocked exactly fourteen times.

–Is that you Ruby?– Said a child’s voice.

–That’s the point of the knocking dumbo–

–And if someone tortured you and got the code –

–Then you’ll die too then, happy?– The door opened slowly and she entered.

Is not necesary to say that the cabin was completly unmemorable. Crackeling paint in the walls, old furmiture, missing floor sections. But the walls were covered in child’s drawings. Drawings of to men battling evil.

–Sorry kid, no cereal of any kind out there– The woman put the box on the table and started to unpack the supplies.

–Not even cheerios – The young boy, perhaps ten years old, gave her a sad look.

–Not even Fruity Loops–

–Then, did you brought anything eatable?–

–Tuna– The woman threw a can to the boy, who stared at it with disgust

–I don’t like tuna– The boy looked at her with puppy eyes.

–Sam, You’ll eat your tuna–


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