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Title: Fan Art: In Any World, Even of Warcraft
Warning: Night Elf!Castiel, Draenei!Dean
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, it would have dragons and catgirls, and sylvanas and flying combat.
Summary: Castiel Finds Dean, no matter wich world they are in
Notes: This is the result of boredoom, maeby i'll make a proper wallpaper of this in the future. yeah, i should have spent more time in Dean.

Well, Castiel Shadowgale is a Night elf Priest and De'an a Draenei Warrior, bigger pic ahead.

Bigger Pic

What story would you gave them? and what characters from SPN would be what race? Prompt? :D

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Title: As Little Shards of Stained Glass
Word Count: 614
Timing: Season 5, Episode 04 (some time before that future)
Warning: Angst,  Future!Castiel, Future!Dean, Croatoan!Verse, Sex
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, it would have dragons and catgirls, and Dean would be humping Cas all day long
Summary: In a world where Sam is Lucifer, Dean and Castiel struggle exist, but their relationship falls apart
Notes: This is very, very painful for me to write, but is part of a larger story, i feel bad for making them suffer. D:


-Don’t flatter yourself Pinocchio, you are not human- )

The Flame

Oct. 26th, 2009 05:22 am
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Title: The Flame
Dean/Castiel, Ruby/Sam.
Word Count: 1713
Timing: General season 4
Warning: Ruby's POV on Dean and Castiel. Implied sexual content, Angst, Voyeurism
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, it would have dragons and catgirls, and Dean would be humping Cas all day long
Summary: Trying to get back on the horse :D. Ruby envies what Dean and Castiel have, and she desperatly want it for herself. In the meantime,  she just settle for watching it.
Notes: This story is part of something bigger, i needed Ruby's imput in the situation, i just love that evil bitch, its the supernatural's character that i most relate myself. Ok, i have made Ruby a fangirl, a shebat crazy fangirl, and i always wanted to flesh her out a bit. And in my head this is the first time that Dean and Cast recognize their feelings, i'll make this from their POV later "We'll burn them as moths lusting for fire"


-Do you think is that simple? Do you think you can just trow this shit on me? Guess what Cas, you’re fucking wrong- Dean shouted wrathful at the angel, for a moment Ruby feel sad, her unhealthy hobby was going to end. )
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Title: To be Made and to have Time
Word Count: 1042
Timing: General season 5
Warning: Implied sexual content
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, it would have dragons and catgirls
Summary: Not sure what this means, its like a ramble about Dean and Cas' first time, just wanted to write something to numb my mind, shit recently happened around here, bad shit


“I think that I was made for you” )
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Title: For Me To Hold You Tight
Word Count: 1400 ish
Timing: Circa 4.18, Memory takes place some time before
Warning: Melancholic!Anna, Confused!Castiel, Drunk!Dean, Drunk!Sam, Touchy!Dean
Also appearing: Sam, Anna, Unnamed Angel
Rating: Pg-13.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, the heavens would shatter
Summary: As Anna explains her actions to an old friend, Castiel pushes is mind to find the moment when he started to love Dean. This actually takes place in the same narrative as my other stories, but the memory secuence can be read as a one shot. Wanna read previous chapters? links bellow, feedbacks are welcomed, i love feedback. Opinions and sugestions are welcomed, and needed. Just starting to write in english, yay, i feel so international.
Previous Chapters: Fading emotions, I've dwelt in places that you lust for


In that moment Castiel felt something, something about Dean’s warmth so close to him, just made him smile. Soon, the hunter’s arms wrapped themselves around Castiel’s torso. )

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Title: Fan Art: Quedate Aqui (Stay in Here)
Genre and/or Pairing:
Spoilers: None, nope
Male nudity
Notes: Ok, i know i should have used a reference picture, but i was just so cozy in my bed, im so lazy to get up, then i remember that i actually have wireless internet, but my notebook was in the dinner room. Yup, so lazy. Anyways, im mostly happy cuz i draw a half decent hand in the first attempt, something with no precedents!

Anyway, if you know spanish, check "Quedate aqui" by Salma Hayek, that song was made for Dean and Cass :D

Link to the Picture
Pic! )
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Title: I've dwelt in the places that you lust for
Word Count: 1200 ish
Timing: Circa 4.18
Warning: Slutty!Anna, Touched!Dean, Wrathful!Castiel, OhNoYouDidn't!Castiel
Also appearing: Anna, Sam, Ruby
Rating: N-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, ill be probably burning in a stake.
Summary: For some reason Anna enjoys teasing Castiel. As her hands travel trough Dean's Body, something just snaps inside Cass. It will continue, and it has a prelude, wich, due my inabily to write in english, will take a while

Part 1


-And the way he pinned my body to the sweaty seat of the car, removing his clothes and mine, reaching with his hands every part of me... – said Anna while leaning her head to the side and bitting her lower lip. -SHUT UP!!!- Castiel threw himself on her again, locking a desperate punch in her jaw. Releasing her from Castiel with a head-butt, she grabbed his coat and smashed his back against the wall, pinning him in place. )

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Welcome to WoSPNC!!!

Details )
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Well, i was bored and an idea came to my head, here is the result, tada!!

-The clickity-clacks are steps-sounds, i couldn't find another Onomatopoeia.

View The End of Everything )
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Title:Fading Emotions
Word Count: 628
Timing: Circa 4.18
Warning: Nothing i can think about
Also appearing: Anna, Sam, Ruby
Rating: N-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, the only place that would run it would be Showtime.
Summary: Castiel's emotions burn away because of his grace, yet, some of them cling to his heart. It will continue, and it has a prelude, wich, due my inabily to write in english, will take a while.


My Chibis

Oct. 7th, 2009 05:32 am
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I've been working in template to make chibis, it first started as a way to represent my Wow chars, but i think its could have a lot of other uses, who knows?.

The template is the shape and i just add the clothes on them, an E-Z way to make your chars.

Alba Morningsong Lineart

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Third Chapter, this one brings a lot of mental-madness. Enjoy!!

The next episode will bring Dean & Castiel to a long overdue conversation!!

Read Chapter III )

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Chapter two, enyoy!!

Following where chapter I left, Castiel still tries to understand his emotions, leading to unexpected results.


Read Chapter II )

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i was messing around in photoshop and i decided to ty to draw castiel, my third lineart atempt and first colouring attempt.

Two versions, slightly diffrent, i cant put my finger on Castiels grumpiness yet

Theyre not that good, but with a bit of practice, i think it will come out pretty good

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Well, i'm pretty new to this livejournal thingy. I would like to start sharing this castiel/dean story that ive been writing. Its mostly about castiel's humanization and the discovering of his feelings about Dean.

The Title of the story is an homage to Elfen Lied, i've thought of making an opening secuence also based on Klimt works, they're soo cool!!

This is an intended eight parter, im working on part three now.

well, yis is chapter one, hope you like it!! Now i will try to figure out how this thing works XD.

I also made a blog to collet all my works, at the time its pretty much empty, but i hope to flesh it out soon.


Well, This is Chapter I: Pie Night


Read Pie Night )
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Mostly my fics take place in the same universe of Supernatural (Altough with some tweaks). Maeby when i reach the end of season 4 in my fics, ill start a story based on those fics. Who Knows? All my fics to date happen to be set in the same narrative, so ill put them in chronological order.

1-Pie Night:
Overwhelmed by the burden of emotions, Castiel goes to the only place that can offer him safety, A Dinner Stop in the middle of nowhere were Tara, the perky Waitress, tries to comfort him as one of the many lonely souls that pass by. (Soon, its here in my LJ, but i want to rewrite it)

2-Fading Emotions: Cass realizes that his feelings are bounded to Dean, in every sense of the word. He must decide to keep those feelings, or leave in order to become again the angel that he used to be.

3- I've Dwelt in the Places That You Lust For: Anna, behaving bizarrely, teases Castiel about her night with Dean. Burning with Rage, Castiel and Anna's showdown reveals ulterior motives.

4- For Me to Hold You Tight: 
As Anna cleanses the mess, an old friend presents to her. Meanwhile, digging in his memories, Castiel finds the moment he started to love Dean

5- We'll Burn Them as Moths Lusting Fire:  TBA


Fan Art

Comic Strip: The End of Everything

Fan Art: Quedate Aqui - Stay in here

World of Warcraft

Memoirs of a Banshee (Sylvanas Windrunner)

Sylvanas has learnt to "live" with her curse, and even to find joy in the battlefield, but when a stranger arrives carrying a memento of her life, the world that she built for herself starts to fell apart. (Uploading currently in spanish)

Chapter I: The Lament of Sylvanas
Chapter II: Human Affaires
Chapter III: The Rose and The Lyre
Chapter IV: The Eternal Song of Quel'Thalas
Chapter V: Memento Mori
Chapter VI: Frozen
Chapter VII: Frost Requiem
Chapter VIII: Even in Death
Chapter IX: Epilogue


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