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Third Chapter, this one brings a lot of mental-madness. Enjoy!!

The next episode will bring Dean & Castiel to a long overdue conversation!!

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Chapter two, enyoy!!

Following where chapter I left, Castiel still tries to understand his emotions, leading to unexpected results.


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i was messing around in photoshop and i decided to ty to draw castiel, my third lineart atempt and first colouring attempt.

Two versions, slightly diffrent, i cant put my finger on Castiels grumpiness yet

Theyre not that good, but with a bit of practice, i think it will come out pretty good

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Well, i'm pretty new to this livejournal thingy. I would like to start sharing this castiel/dean story that ive been writing. Its mostly about castiel's humanization and the discovering of his feelings about Dean.

The Title of the story is an homage to Elfen Lied, i've thought of making an opening secuence also based on Klimt works, they're soo cool!!

This is an intended eight parter, im working on part three now.

well, yis is chapter one, hope you like it!! Now i will try to figure out how this thing works XD.

I also made a blog to collet all my works, at the time its pretty much empty, but i hope to flesh it out soon.


Well, This is Chapter I: Pie Night


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