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Sorry for the lateness Aescu, but here it is. I know is not exactly whta i promised (and also a complete rip off of an angel cover :P) but this is a thank you for helping me always:D

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YAY! Sleep deprivation i apologize myself for this XD. just a doodle, Dean Cas & Sam... im kinda bored right now. Well maeby i'll read a book to fall sleep :D.

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Title: A Very Drunken X-Mas with Dean & Cas
Author:[ profile] vankoss
Warning: There shall be booze and mild sex references.
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, it would have dragons and catgirls, and sylvanas and flying combat :D.
Summary: It's Christmas Time! and Dean and Castiel have problems holding their booze, to the dismay of Sam and Bobby
Notes: I wanted to make a draeing for bauble's Holyday meme, but I kinda drift a little far from the original prompt XD. Anyways, thanks to Liadan14 for the general idea and to Bauble for the meme prompt post :D. Special thanks to Aescu who is always suporting me, who's a "perfect" ffriend, and who is never "wrong" (did you got it :D... I'm so lame with my jokes...YAY!!).

With no further delay, behold what my sick mind created HoHa (well is nothing that porny, is just innuendo. Click in the image teaser to see :D)

Edit: I just noticed that I forgot to shade dean's boots... dumbass (well i'll do that tomorrow XD)
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A little drawing i've been working on for bauble's meme promt :D, unshaded and unrefined lineart :D

Edit: now with bobby :D
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Whoa, i cant believe i made this, is till cannot believe it, it only took abou 6 hours, a pack of cigarrets, a pint of beer and tre cups of coffe to pull this of, maeby i have hope after all!! no to sleep :D next insallment Night elf cas... im not making ANY SENSE, AM I?

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Well, im going to try something diferent, instead of drawing on top of a pic, ill try to start from scracht, and this way i cand do full frontal... clothong XD


Nov. 19th, 2009 06:52 pm
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Well, when i started this, i thought tha painting on top of a screenshoot would make things very easy, i was wrong XD. And then i was not happy with the SC that i choose, and i have problems with the horns. I miss dean's forehead. I guess i'll have to make side-horns, altough in would not be draenei much... sigh anyways, here my Drae!Dean atempt 1 :D

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Title: Fan Art: Quedate Aqui (Stay in Here)
Genre and/or Pairing:
Spoilers: None, nope
Male nudity
Notes: Ok, i know i should have used a reference picture, but i was just so cozy in my bed, im so lazy to get up, then i remember that i actually have wireless internet, but my notebook was in the dinner room. Yup, so lazy. Anyways, im mostly happy cuz i draw a half decent hand in the first attempt, something with no precedents!

Anyway, if you know spanish, check "Quedate aqui" by Salma Hayek, that song was made for Dean and Cass :D

Link to the Picture
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i was messing around in photoshop and i decided to ty to draw castiel, my third lineart atempt and first colouring attempt.

Two versions, slightly diffrent, i cant put my finger on Castiels grumpiness yet

Theyre not that good, but with a bit of practice, i think it will come out pretty good

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Mostly my fics take place in the same universe of Supernatural (Altough with some tweaks). Maeby when i reach the end of season 4 in my fics, ill start a story based on those fics. Who Knows? All my fics to date happen to be set in the same narrative, so ill put them in chronological order.

1-Pie Night:
Overwhelmed by the burden of emotions, Castiel goes to the only place that can offer him safety, A Dinner Stop in the middle of nowhere were Tara, the perky Waitress, tries to comfort him as one of the many lonely souls that pass by. (Soon, its here in my LJ, but i want to rewrite it)

2-Fading Emotions: Cass realizes that his feelings are bounded to Dean, in every sense of the word. He must decide to keep those feelings, or leave in order to become again the angel that he used to be.

3- I've Dwelt in the Places That You Lust For: Anna, behaving bizarrely, teases Castiel about her night with Dean. Burning with Rage, Castiel and Anna's showdown reveals ulterior motives.

4- For Me to Hold You Tight: 
As Anna cleanses the mess, an old friend presents to her. Meanwhile, digging in his memories, Castiel finds the moment he started to love Dean

5- We'll Burn Them as Moths Lusting Fire:  TBA


Fan Art

Comic Strip: The End of Everything

Fan Art: Quedate Aqui - Stay in here

World of Warcraft

Memoirs of a Banshee (Sylvanas Windrunner)

Sylvanas has learnt to "live" with her curse, and even to find joy in the battlefield, but when a stranger arrives carrying a memento of her life, the world that she built for herself starts to fell apart. (Uploading currently in spanish)

Chapter I: The Lament of Sylvanas
Chapter II: Human Affaires
Chapter III: The Rose and The Lyre
Chapter IV: The Eternal Song of Quel'Thalas
Chapter V: Memento Mori
Chapter VI: Frozen
Chapter VII: Frost Requiem
Chapter VIII: Even in Death
Chapter IX: Epilogue


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