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Title: The Fantasy
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: Pg-13
Spoilers: 5.17, just after the end of the episode.
Warnings: Drunk!Cas, Douchey!Dean
Word Count: 995
Notes: Kinda wrote this a while ago, after the aired ep, but I hadn't uploaded it, so, well, lets throw this on the air.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, but if I did.... HA HA HAHAH HAHAHAHAH!!! ha.... tee hee..
Summary: Dean dreams of a future with Lisa. A normal life in a house with white picked fences. But dreams are not always what we really want. Sometimes happiness its at hand's reach. And sometimes happiness comes in the form of a long coated angel.


Dean pictures himself in a baseball field, Lisa smiling behind him )
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Title: Deadpan Bitchface
Author:[ profile] vankoss
Also Starring:
Word Count: 563
Timing: General season 5
Warning: Crack, Humor, Poorly written Inuendo, Bitchface
Rating: Pg-13.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did... *gurgles*
Summary: Oh noes! A werewolf! and Cas got in the way of it and Dean! Dean should not worry that much, cause you know, BF is an angel.
Notes: I just wanted some bamf!Cas, and well, i wrote this, nothing serious, but it was fun to write :D. Thid could be a prequel to my "Stupid Sexy Dean" fanart, where Dean gets his revenge :D




Deadpan Bitchface )

Deadpan Bitchface II: Electric Boogaloo
Author:[ profile] vankoss
Word Count: 376
Timing: General Season 5
Warning: Crack, Humor, Weirdnes, Bitchface
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did... *gurgles*
Summary: Not gonna say much cause it will break the mood, but Dan and Cas are into some weird shit
Notes: The first to paragraphs are of a real story i'm working in, but when the idea popped in my head, i just could not resist it, a sort of crackier sequel to Deadpan Bitchface.


The sun rises slowly, dissipating the tick shadows that dwelt in the room. A few empty bottles lie scattered on the floor, reminders of Dean’s desire to forget. )

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Chapter two, enyoy!!

Following where chapter I left, Castiel still tries to understand his emotions, leading to unexpected results.


Read Chapter II )

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Well, i'm pretty new to this livejournal thingy. I would like to start sharing this castiel/dean story that ive been writing. Its mostly about castiel's humanization and the discovering of his feelings about Dean.

The Title of the story is an homage to Elfen Lied, i've thought of making an opening secuence also based on Klimt works, they're soo cool!!

This is an intended eight parter, im working on part three now.

well, yis is chapter one, hope you like it!! Now i will try to figure out how this thing works XD.

I also made a blog to collet all my works, at the time its pretty much empty, but i hope to flesh it out soon.


Well, This is Chapter I: Pie Night


Read Pie Night )


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